Introduce a Happy Teeth culture in your school!


Children’s oral health in the UK is in crisis!

332 children under 10 had their entire full set of teeth removed under general anaesthetic in the last 5 years. The number of children requiring multiple tooth extractions is soaring. It costs the NHS millions of pounds every year and is on the increase.

Tooth decay causes pain and suffering as well as absence from school and a whole host of further oral health problems. Tooth decay is 100% preventable. Failure as a country to act on prevention is putting huge pressure on our NHS. It’s time for investment in our children’s oral health!

Happy Teeth Teacher Training 

An innovative teacher training day which aims inspire and give confidence to teachers in encouraging better dental health for schools.

A one day course with Katie Dullaghan.

During this one day course, Katie Dullaghan will explore how to create an effective whole school oral health prevention programme for infant and primary schools.

About Katie Dullaghan

Katie Dullaghan is an Oral Health Educator. Katie has worked in oral health prevention education for over 13 years. Her expertise in oral health prevention and noticing the lack of education and effect that this is having on our children inspired Katie to develop this innovative course.

Katie aims to enable wider spread education to inspire change on a full scale level. Katie’s mission is to reduce hospital admissions and dental pain among children across the UK. Katie’s presentation style, and passion, combined with her in depth knowledge of oral health ignites enthusiasm in teachers and pupils alike.

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