My first blog post!!!

So I’m pretty new to this. I’ve never written a blog before…

I wanted somewhere that I could write helpful information on all sorts of oral health related  topics, as well as give advice and information where possible. This seemed like the perfect solution.

So first some information about me.

Hi, I’m Katie Dullaghan (that’s me in the pic above). I have worked in Dentistry and Oral Health Education for over 12 years now!

Starting in Dental Nursing and working both in practice and for the local emergency service in the area. I saw a great need for education and prevention in the care of both children’s and adults’ teeth.

Being the hard worker that I am, I persevered in my field, climbing the career ladder. I worked delivering Dental Nursing qualifications, tutoring classes and assessing progress. Ending up in a management position I felt that my skills could be better suited. I wanted to make a change and I felt a passion to make that a reality. I felt that not enough was being done locally to educate and prevent Oral Health diseases. I wanted to try to make a difference to reduce dental decay across the country.

In my quest in doing this, I set up Happy Teeth Education Services. Delivering training to local schools, children’s centres, hospitals and care homes to inspire change in the way we care for our teeth.

I am a mum to my fantastic little dream of a boy Georgie who is 3 (That’s him in the pic above)!. So believe me when I say that I understand the troubles that bring trying to care for a little ones teeth!

To aid in this, as well as the love that Georgie and I share of books, I am exploring writing. To try to reach a further audience and really engage children in thinking about their oral health, as well as to initially support the education I give, I have written a line of Children’s books. I am in the process of having these published so that I can help parents and teachers get the Oral Health message across to children across the world.


I hope to carry on to encourage and promote better oral health through different avenues and see an improvement in teeth full stop.

By writing this blog I hope to give an insight in to the dental world as well as to give updates on what we at Happy Teeth are up to. Giving helpful tips on caring for teeth and mouths, diet and encouraging happy teeth!

Any information provided will be fact based with some opinion and fun mixed in. I enjoy a laugh as much as the next person. I welcome your feedback and queries, (I also enjoy a good debate)!


I look forward to hearing your feedback and hope that you gain some use from my posts.


Thanks for visiting

Katie x