The Happy Teeth Education Platform

Our platform gives teachers and schools everything they need to provide comprehensive oral health education for children. When you sign up, you’ll gain access to engaging educational animations, detailed session plans and range of printable materials and activities that your pupils are going to love.

Educational Animations

These fun animations feature our favourite George and The Happy Tooth characters delivering lessons in an easy to understand way.

Session Plans

Our detailed session plans make it easy for teachers to deliver effective lessons to students about keeping their teeth healthy for life.

Student Activities

Activities designed to help children engage during sessions, teaching them to take care of their teeth and maintain healthy habits.

Quick Reference Sheets

We provide a range of quick reference sheets which can be displayed around the classroom during lessons, making information easier to remember.

The Happy Teeth Education platform is priced at just £15 per month.
For more information on our plans and pricing, please visit the sign-up page.

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Our Vision

Happy Teeth Education was founded by oral health educator, Katie Dullaghan, who aims to enable wider spread education to inspire change on a full-scale level. Katie’s mission is to reduce hospital admissions and dental pain among children across the UK.

Katie’s presentation style, and passion, combined with her in depth knowledge of oral health ignites enthusiasm in teachers and pupils alike.