Complete Dental Health Education for Children

Happy Teeth Education is an online platform providing schools and dental professionals with complete dental health education resources which meet the latest PSHE requirements. Together we can teach children everything they need to know to maintain healthy, happy teeth.

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One-stop Shop for Dental Health Lessons

From September 2020 The Department of Education advise that dental health education be provided in Early Years and Primary School Education. The Happy Teeth Education platform has everything your school needs to provide fun and engaging lessons to your pupils around oral and dental health.

We have created a range of resources for teachers including fun educational videos, session plans, quick reference sheets and downloadable student activities.

Dental Health Matters

At Happy Teeth Education, our mission is to improve oral health education for children, and to enable embedded understanding for creating better habits, so that they can have healthy teeth for life.

Our Vision

For Individuals

With session plans, experiments and activities, plus educational animations featuring our favourite George and The Happy Tooth characters, children will love learning about looking after their teeth.

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For Schools and Professionals

Our simple membership plans mean that you’ll have access to a great range of lessons and educational materials, with new and engaging content being added regularly.

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Happy Teeth Shop

Our oral health education aids make classroom delivery enjoyable for everyone. These are some of our most popular products, with even more to be found on our shop page.

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Our Vision

Happy Teeth Education was founded by oral health educator, Katie Dullaghan, who aims to enable wider spread education to inspire change on a full-scale level. Katie’s mission is to reduce hospital admissions and dental pain among children across the UK.

Katie’s presentation style, and passion, combined with her in depth knowledge of oral health ignites enthusiasm in teachers and pupils alike.